Welcome to M&D Pecanland, USA

We are a family business we engage in commercial production of nuts in 1994 when we acquired a property with about 400 Pecan Nut trees. Over the years we have acquired other properties and have increased planting Pecan Nut trees.

In 2001 we started marketing operations in the US creating the company “M & D Pecanland, Inc.” which allowed us to import and export nuts and nut products between the two countries.

In 2015 we consolidated our operations in Mexico with the creation of a corporation registered as “M & D Pecanland, Mexico SRL de CV

This website is dedicated to you, our customers and suppliers, with the main purpose of facilitating the selection and Order our products and services. And provide them with relevant information to help them obtain the maximum benefit from this magnificent product is the nut.

 The menu at the superios part allow them to easily navigate between different options according to your needs.

We hope “Heart to Heart” meet their expectations and enjoy our services.

Daniel Rosas Decanini

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