M & D Pecanland, Inc. is all about Pecan Nuts. It is a family owned and operated American Corporation

I started helping in the family farm activities since I was a child. My first official position on the family business was at the age of 17 as a general manager in the Pecans Sheller Company “El Nogal de Aramberri” (The Aramberri’s pecan tree).

My wife and I became formal pecan business owners when we bought my parents’ farm in 1997, and since then we’ve run a commercial production of pecans nuts. The farm has been in my family for four generations dating back to 1907 when my father’s grandfather bought the land. Some of the pecan trees in the farm are now more than 100 years old.

We introduced the name M&D Pecanland in 2000 and registered as a corporation in 2001, now M&D Pecanland, Inc.

We believe that throughout time, humanity has dedicated a great deal of time to the pursuit of a more efficient nutrition, because the human body development and energy levels depend on nutrition. With these in mind we are presenting to you a highly nutritional value option: The use of pecan nuts in our daily diet .

We are ready to help you.

Our sons, Daniel & Mauricio are now full time college students and our part time business consultants. Daniel (International Business) helped us with global marketing and e-commerce ideas. Mauricio (Culinary Arts) is collaborating with the web site, recipes and nutritional notes.

My wife, Maria de Jesus, with a bachelor on IT science, MBA in Finance and more than 20 years of business management experience is in charge of the Finance and USA operations.

I am responsible for the farm management and operations in Mexico. (BS in Mathematics and MBS in quality and production)

Maria de Jesus Alvarez de Rosas
President and Founder
Daniel Rosas Decanini
President and Founder

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