Produce, commercialize and develop brands and supplies of products based on Pecan nuts, that meet the needs and expectations of consumers in the global marketplace, with a capable, innovative and accomplished team, achieving attractive profitability, in an environment of international competition, which ensures permanence and growth of the business, compensation appropriate to the associates, shareholders, and the fulfillment of the social and ecological responsibility


We want to make our company an international company

  • Operating in various countries.
  • Exporting nutritious products to all over the world
  • With a steady growth based on consumer preference for our brands.

Strategic framework

  • The Persona -Human Resources as a fundamental value in our organization.
  • The Engage and focus to the consumer as the only chance to stay in the short and long term.
  • The Constant quality and innovation to achieve a continuous improvement in the way of doing things.
  • The Accountability on Social responsibility to support humanity and environment.
  • And Never give up on our efforts to achieve the proposed objectives.
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